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Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve

As the largest game reserve in Africa with an area of about 21 000 square miles (55,000 square km), the Selous Game Reserve carves out a huge portion of Southern Tanzania. The immense size of the park makes it ideal for the traveller seeking a sense of isolation, exploration, and discovery. Few other vehicles will be visible. The Selous is a UNESCO world heritage site due to its diversity of wildlife and undisturbed nature.

The majority of the reserve is set aside for hunting, controlled by a number of privately leased hunting concessions. The northern section of the reserve is solely for photographic tourism and follows along the Rufiji River.

The Selous is a premium reserve to visit as it offers such a wide range of accommodations and activities. Alongside the traditional game drive, walking safaris, fly camping and boat safaris are also available. Over a three night or more stay in the reserve, you can experience an array of adventures using different modes of transport, exploring various areas of this vast reserve.

The Selous Game Reserve is seasonal open from June to end of March and closed for the long rain season due to the black cotton soil making the roads impassable.


The reserve is home to over a third of Tanzania’s elephants and the best place to see the wild dogs. The Rufiji River runs through the park with many deltas and lakes branching off throughout. In some areas it looks like a tranquil European park, with a picturesque calm lake surrounded by large trees and a cropped lawn; until you see the flick of a hippos ears, the splash from a crocodile leaping to catch an unwary water bird, all observed by the leopard languishing on a tree branch.


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